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Tax Audit Representation

Have you received notification of an audit? Are you unsure what being audited means and overwhelmed by the paperwork or the possibility of owing thousands of dollars?

Don’t face your audit alone. Without experienced representation, you could end up owing large amounts of money to the state or IRS. Audits are complicated and require special knowledge to navigate successfully: most clients are unsure what to disclose, how to disclose, and how to present the supporting documentation in a way that will prevent them from being railroaded by an aggressive auditor questioning them about their purchases and lifestyle.

If you are being audited, the situation can go from bad to worse quickly unless you contact an experienced tax attorney immediately. The auditor will be looking for information that could lead to opening up other tax years to an audit, wasting even more of your time and money.

Full-service Audit Representation

At Key Tax Group, we understand the complexity, confusion, and consternation involved in an IRS tax audit. That’s why we offer full-service tax audit representation to help you before, during, and after an audit. We specialize in tax audit representation and can represent you before the IRS or state taxing authorities question you regarding your tax return.

Unlike other companies, we don’t shy away from tax audit representation. Instead, we take the lead in your audit by reviewing your returns and pinpointing potential issues, then use that information to identify additional documentation, provide supporting arguments, and minimize the impact of any amount assessed against you. And, our help doesn’t stop there: In the event that you are assessed a penalty, our tax professionals will set you up with a resolution based on your financials.

Tax audit help with Key Tax Group

Don’t be defeated by an audit: With the tax professionals at Key Tax Group by your side, you can conquer your audit without wasting time and money trying to navigate complex tax code on your own. For more information on how Key Tax Group can protect your interests, contact our office today for your free initial consultation.