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State Tax Resolution in Rochester

Many people think federal tax collections are more serious than state tax collections. In reality, tax collection actions by states are more aggressive and can disrupt your daily life and routine by preventing you from working, driving, or accessing your direct deposit paycheck. If you experience state tax collection actions due to failure to pay a state tax debt, consult with an experienced tax professional as soon as possible to avoid other serious consequences.

Consequences of Unpaid State Tax Debt

State tax authorities can be aggressive and should be taken seriously. Several collection remedies are permanent and cannot be removed once they are implemented.

Four types of state taxes can cause collection actions if unpaid, including:

  1. Personal income tax
  2. Business sales and use tax
  3. Business equipment tax
  4. Unemployment tax

For any tax owed, the government will act quickly to initiate collections, including punitive measures to pressure you to pay off a tax debt. It’s important to get help from an experienced tax professional right away so they can work on the issue before it gets worse.

Outstanding tax debt in Rochester can lead to more serious consequences, including:

  • Bank levies
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Professional licenses suspension
  • Tax lien filing
  • Vehicle tag registration suspension
  • Wage garnishment

If you have state tax debt, act quickly to resolve the debt before the government seizes your accounts. Work with a tax resolution specialist in Rochester to help you navigate the state’s process before permanent actions take place.

Key Tax Group Offers State Tax Help for Rochester Residents

Don’t wait until serious consequences become your reality. At Key Tax Group, we help with state tax resolutions for Rochester residents. We are familiar with your state’s tax laws and have the knowledge to help you achieve a successful state tax resolution.

Our goal is to protect our client’s paychecks from aggressive collection efforts. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our office today for a free initial consultation.