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Tax Audit Reconsideration in Merrimack

Have you received a tax audit notification in Merrimack? When you are selected for a tax audit, your tax returns and other financial filings are examined to make sure the appropriate taxes are paid to the federal and/or state government. Being audited is never convenient, and it can become serious if errors or oversights are made during the auditing process. If you suspect errors were made in your audit, or if you are unsatisfied with the results, you may get a second chance through a process called audit reconsideration.

The Audit Reconsideration Process

If you have not received a Notice of Deficiency (NOD), you can request an audit reconsideration in Merrimack. An audit reconsideration enables your case to be examined by a different reviewer. They’ll consider the circumstances of your case, compare supporting documents, and make a final decision regarding the items in question.

During an audit reconsideration, the IRS will:

  • Conduct a forensic analysis of the return(s) in question. This includes substantiation of the expenses claimed.
  • Do a thorough review of the audit notification and assessment response from the taxing authority.
  • Review supporting case law to argue the denial of the items in the audit and submit with substantiation for audit reconsideration.

After an audit reconsideration is complete and final decisions are made, a taxpayer has three options if they are unsatisfied with the results:

  • 656L Filing: For IRS issues, a 656L can be filed to question the liability of the debt with another final submission of documents. For states, the liability option is not available since the state already made their final determination.
  • Tax Court: This option can be time-consuming, expensive, and you may receive additional penalties if the decision is upheld by the tax court.
  • Resolution: Your attorney may negotiate a resolution on the assessed amount of taxes owed to avoid further collections.

Get Professional Tax Audit Help in Merrimack

If you’re like most taxpayers, you may lack the specialized tax code knowledge and skills to respond to a tax audit. By attempting an audit alone, you could expose yourself to audits for subsequent years.

Don’t handle a tax audit on your own. Get the help and support of a seasoned tax attorney to help you navigate the tax audit process and file for reconsideration if errors occur in the audit process.

Professional State and IRS Audit Representation in Merrimack

Errors in a tax audit could cost you thousands of dollars. When you file for an audit reconsideration, you gain peace of mind knowing your tax returns and supporting documents are being reviewed before you are required to pay. At Key Tax Group, our tax attorneys specialize in audit reconsideration for Merrimack residents and have the experience and knowledge to make sure you are treated fairly during an audit. To learn more, contact our office for more information and a free initial consultation.